A Night Out in Amsterdam

From what I’ve gathered according to the many other lovely travel blogs I follow, there’s so much more to Amsterdam than the red light district. Unfortunately, we’re just going to have to discover the more refined side of this city some other time.

Amsterdam Canal

The heart of Amsterdam’s red light district offers the kindling for any brand of debauchery the heart desires, and we quickly grew to describe it as a “Vegas on steroids.”


As I’m sure you’re aware, many a coffee shop owner touts their leafy green products to eager clientele, locals and tourists alike. Drug dealers wander the streets after dark in search of partiers looking to take their crimson-hued evening to the next level (we were approached by at least 4). And, of course, the working girls unashamedly solicit male passersby for a quick romp in their small, curtained stalls.

Every aspect of this place deems it prime bachelor party real estate.


Our visit was quite tame compared to others we witnessed, as we were really only there to people watch. A night out sandwiched between two long days of travel doesn’t create an environment conducive to letting loose; however, the grungy vibe we got just wandering these streets and canals isn’t one we’ll soon forget.


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